Getting Back To Nature – Can It Really Improve Your Wellbeing?

I am a person that loves the ocean. I have always found peace when I have been near the ocean. Once I learnt to drive I would often make my way to the ocean, especially during times of stress or periods where I felt unsettled. I was happy to just sit there breathing in the salty fresh air deeply, watching the motion of the ocean and hearing the waves crashing. It is soothing and refreshing. I have also found walking through a rainforest or rainforest like bush area to have a very similar effect. The air is often fresh and sweeter, the sounds of the birds and the air rustling through the leaves all work to soothe and invigorate me.

Unfortunately, these days I don’t get to do much of either, life is just too busy. My three kids could probably think of a thousand other things they’d rather do than sit quietly and listen to the ocean. And my husband and I would end up carrying at least 2 of them – while they complained – if we went for a bush walk. Not so much invigorating as exhausting!

I have just come across a blog post by The Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, which may shed some light on why we do feel better after reconnecting with nature. It may also serve to push me to get back to nature more, not just for my sake, but for the wellbeing and health of my family.

Do you feel better after being out in nature?

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