Fit for Women

I run specialised outdoor personal and group fitness training for women and mums, at locations within the Ryde Council (Sydney) area.
I aim to help women, be able to participate in their life, be functional and set them up for a long, healthy, active life. Life is meant to be lived, not watched from the side lines. All classes run through the school term.

NOTE: To ensure safe and healthy exercise planning for clients, all participants are required to fill out a pre-screening assessment prior to participating in any exercise session.


Term 4 Timetable 09/10 – 15/12


  • Fit Body


    @ Helene Park, Meadowbank



  • Mumma Fit


    @ Helene Park, Meadowbank



  • Fit Body


    @ Helene Park, Meadowbank

Fit Body

A full body workout. You need your whole body working for you to live your life and this class will get you what you need. Children are welcome, they can watch from the sidelines, their prams or our portable play-pen.
If you have a group of friends you want to train with, get in contact with me to arrange a time and place. (min. 6 people).

Sessions are $15/session (pre-paid) – Class bookings required.

Ladies Night

An evening full body workout. These sessions incorporate: Strength, Cardio, Body Weight Resistance and Core Conditioning. A great evening session for women and mums looking to clear their minds and do something for themselves.

Sessions are $15/session (pre-paid) – Class bookings required.

Mumma Fit – NEW

A small intimate group training session for post-natal Mums. I want to enable you to get moving again while supporting and optimising your pelvic floor and core function. Bubs are of course welcome to join us, watching from their pram or next to you while you workout.

Sessions are $15/session (pre-paid) – Class bookings required.

Pregnancy Fit – COMING SOON

A small pre-natal group training session that gets you moving, enhances and maintains your mobility while preparing you for the post-natal phase.


One on One Training

One on One training sessions are a great way to keep motivated and challenged. I will work with you to understand where you are now, where you want to be and work closely with you to get you there. I can also train you through your pregnancy and the post-natal phase.

6-Step Core Fit Course

An intensive specialised 6-step, one on one program. It is designed to reconnect you to your pelvic floor and core and re-engaging it throughout movement and exercise, to get you back to being active and confident. Being one on one, I am able to tailor the exercises and progression specifically to you and your abilities and confidence. There are 6 workouts that will take you through the 6 steps. You will move through them, at you own pace, inline with your progress. I will take you through each workout in a 1hr session (1 session for each workout).

While the program is 6 steps in total, you current status and your body’s response to the training, will determine how quickly you move through the steps.

Sessions are $85/session.